There aren’t many moments in humankind when the course of history is destined for change. When Ryoshi wrote about the meaning behind Shiba Inu, I knew the vision that was put into place was one far (greater/more important) than anyone could imagine and created with an intent to make a major positive impact for future generations to come. Shiba Inu has set a new standard to the level of power given to the people. The idea is that every member of the community is responsible for the success and utilities Shiba Inu possesses. We are in charge of accepting $SHIB in our stores, creating connections, and building dApps for the ecosystem.

What is Shibarium?


Shibarium will be Shiba Inu’s layer 2 network being built by the developers of ShibaSwap. With a layer 2 solution, we will be able to experience quicker transactions at a fraction of the price of Ethereum network fees.

Shibarium ties everything together. With a layer 2 network, the ShibArmy now has the power to build decentralized applications that will impact the Shiba Inu ecosystem directly. In other words, the community will be fully capable and responsible for adding utilities and burns to the Shiba Inu tokens. This is where PawZone comes in.

Since we are a project releasing on Shibarium, we are dependent on its release. This is something we expected so we are prepared to wait as long as it takes. We would much rather have a layer 2 network that is polished than one that has been rushed to the finish line. They only have one chance to do it right so I’m happy to see that the developers have been treading as carefully as they have been.

With that said, it does appear that the release of the layer 2 is nearing its Public Beta TestNet sometime in Q3 indicating that major progress has been made. Furthermore, the Private Alpha TestNet has been running successfully for a number of weeks already allowing for the developers to complete all remaining tasks prior to Public Beta TestNet deployment which will then allow members to interact with the network and provide feedback.

The Importance of PawZone

With a brand new network will come the need for new applications utilizing the advantages of layer 2 and smart contracts in order to drive user growth. This is a big reason as to why we believe PawZone is so important. NFT marketplaces are vital parts of any network and we know we are building one of the most innovative out there with a mission to fix all shortcomings NFT marketplaces have today. Shibarium will need an NFT marketplace built by members of the community and we are here to
deliver. This is what decentralization is all about.

Other than being a major driving force for others to join the network, we want to inspire developers to build on the layer 2. The more projects that utilize the ecosystem and add utility to the Shiba Inu tokens, the better.

We will be releasing images of our upcoming applications sometime in the near term.

Additionally, there will be an upcoming AMA later this month focusing on Pawzaar and PawFi so stay tuned!

#BONE is Key


$BONE is not just a governance and reward token. It will also be the gas fee token used to handle all transactions in the network. Therefore, you cannot make any transactions on the network without
BONE. It is a token that is, without a doubt, not yet fully appreciated by the crypto space… for now.

Bright Future Ahead

We believe the future of Shiba Inu is very bright and we couldn’t be more proud to be a part of this massive movement towards a more just form of web development, web3. As major fans of the project and long time ShibArmy members, we hope to inspire others to build amazing platforms on what we know will be the best network in the crypto space.

We in turn, also hope that you believe in us while we venture into new territory. Everyone on the team has worked solely for the love of the community. We are proud to say we have not considered any VC funding. This has not been an easy requirement but one we think will be very much appreciated in the long-run. With that said, everyone working on this project is working hard without a salary. If that doesn’t signal love, I don’t know what does.

And finally, we want to thank you all, the ShibArmy, for the amazing support you have shown us thus far. It means the world to us. As much as we try to inspire, you show us everyday that it is possible to be a part of a community that is truly there for one another regardless of their class or ethnicity. Our dream is for every single one us to succeed in a world filled with hate and injustice. (This is what makes Shiba Inu so beautiful/This is what makes us great.) We are and always will be Ryoshi.