The Shibarium is a Lv2 Blockchain just like Ethereum, and will act in much the same way as Ethereum does today.

Only it will operate about 10c faster (faster transactions), and about 50x cheaper.

The Shibarium is where ALL future transactions of SHIB, BONE, & LEASH (and any other project that’s sitting on the shibarium) will need to pass through in order to transact.

ALL EXCHANGES, ALL SWAPS that trade in the SHIB ecosystem will need to use the SHIBARIUM!

The Gas token of the Shibarium is BONE! If you own bone, the day the Shibarium launches you’re looking at a minimum of a 10x ROI.

This is why your SHIB brethren and sisters that own bone are promoting it so feverishly. We want our SHIB Hodlers to enjoy the wealth that is about to happen …soon! Not in 3 to 5 years like SHIB, but in months.

The Shibarium is not out yet. It was announced in 2021, and has not been released yet. We do
have a rough timeline of its impending launch date, and this is pure speculation, not fact > According to XFUND (the developer of the shibarium), they’re looking at Q3 beta test cycle. If that’s the case, then a Q4 launch may be just around the corner. Again, speculation, not fact. Just an educated guess given the available data at hand.

The Shibarium was created for 3 reasons.

1.) To Burn Shiba Inu on shibarium Blockchain

MORE SHIB. There is TOO much of SHIB on the market, and needs to disappear. While there will be a burn portal on shibaswap, the shibarium will burn a little bit of shib with each and every transaction, more needs to happen.

2.) To lower the gas and transactions fees that are a problem for the ethereum blockchain And

3.) to relieve the network congestion of the ethereum blockchain, and increase the speed of all transactions.

The Shibarium Blockchain will address all of those problems.