Shiba Inu



Let’s do a little math (I swear it’s worth it).

We know from etherscan that the number of SHIB holders (Shiba Inu Tokens) in DEFI is almost 1.2 MILLION+ give or take 100k here or there. And that’s not including the vast number of holders sitting on the exchanges, or cold wallets. We’re talking active users that can be tracked via etherscan. Keep this number in the back of your mind, it’s the basis for everything that follows.

If each user holds 1 million shib (and a vast majority holds substantially more than that), and there are 1.2 million users, and SHIB were to go to a 1c then that means that’s 12 billion dollars at

Shiba Inu (1.2m HoDlers * 1m SHIB) * 0.01 = 12 BILLION DOLLARS.

However, each user doesn’t hold that amount, they hold way more than that. So, conservatively, each holder has in their wallet anywhere between 10 and 100m SHIB! So let’s split the difference
and call it 50m in each users wallets.

So the equation is NOW (1.2m HoDlers * 50m SHIB ea) which is 60 TRILLION SHIB (and there’s
way more than that on the market) and now we multiply that by $0.01 and we get 600 BILLION dollars.

So the equation is > (1.2m HoDlers * 50m SHIB) * 0.01 = 600 BILLION DOLLARS.

Read that again > 600 BILLION DOLLARS! Conservatively.

The current market has just under 1 Trillion in valuation.
Bitcoin holds 80% that, and Ethereum holds about 220b+ ish or 20%. And SHIB ? While it may be the #1 token to hold, only has 6b of that 220b (ish).

So, dear reader, where is this 600 BILLION in wealth supposed to come from when there is only 6b (ish) in the entire market that only has 220billion in total ?

Answer ? More Hodlers. VAST AMOUNTS of Hodlers.

However, that number isn’t there today. It just isn’t.

It’s impossible, in the current market, to have 600b dollars in shib alone today.

And if you’re thinking that it was possible during the last bullrun . Think again. The last bull market barely topped 3.2T, and it was still an 80/20 split between bitcoin and ethereum and shib had just under 10b.

So again, where is this 600b of money supposed to come from ?

Thin air ? Puff the Magic Dragon ? Your Ass ?

Answer. It’s coming from nowhere, because it’s impossible. The 1c dream is an mathematical impossibility… RIGHT NOW.

Further still, even if it did, the math doesn’t support everyone becoming a millionaire all at the same time. Because there isn’t that much money in the entire SHIB market all at once. Some ppl will be rich instantly and the rest will have to live with what’s left. And this assumes that shib stays at 1c. It won’t. It will fall back to reasonable levels, and then rise, and then fall, and then rise, and then fall…over and
over and over again, subject to market conditions and more importantly WHALES that are MANIPULATING THE MARKET!!!

And yet the persistence of the 1c dream continues. It is mathematically impossible for this to occur today without some kind of intervention.

So what is that intervention? The common, prevailing wisdom, is that the devs and the community needs to burn 98% of the available supply of 570 Trillion of SHIB to even approach a number where the value can start to rise near 0.1c. That’s what the Shibarium is for (among other things).

However what few fail to realise is that burns will only help a small amount. Very small amount. What will actually change the valuation is, say it with me, UTILITY. Shib needs to grow to mass adoption and be used in place of fiat currency everywhere at every business. It needs to be the dominant option right after cash. “Sir/Madame, that will be $32.78. Cash, Check, Charge or Shib ?”. That’s what needs to happen. Mass adoption. Which is why Shib’s lead developer (Shytoshi Kasuma), has been striking deals left, right, center to create that utility. Burns will only get you so far, utility will take you the rest of the way.

Let’s put things into perspective:

In order for you to become a millionaire from your shib holdings at the 1c dream, and everyone else that holds shib to become a millionaire all at the same time, the liquidity pools of all the markets would need to exceed FOUR PLANET SIZED ECONOMIES. How’s that ? The entire Crypto Market had, up until Jan 2022, just over 3.2T in valuation and it took 10+ years to get there.

The United States has an economy worth just over 22.5 TRILLION dollars. The EU about 17.6, and so on. IF you add up all the economies in the world, it totals just under 100T in valuation.

So how is it that you, with your shib holdings are going to become a millionaire when the math, and the economy, and the market doesn’t support that.

You can’t.

Are you beginning to see just how insane the view point of you becoming a millionaire is yet ? The logic, the numbers, the
pure simple math doesn’t work.

I’m not saying these things to ruin your day or to generate FUD. Quite the opposite, rather to create a little clarity about the path to wealth that you seek. If you’re looking to become a millionaire (lambo and whatnot) think again is all I am saying.

However in between the here and now, there is a more reasonable and rational approach to attaining a wealth paradigm that is sustainable and attainable today, and not in 3 to 5 years at .01 cent.

So what’s the magical, rational, reasonable pathway?

Consider investing in BONE to accomplish your temporary goals to financial security. I’m just saying….

Oh and while you’re at it…buy your bone from SHIBASWAP please…