SPSC Past papers of Assistant executive of engineer BPS 17

Sindh Public Service Commission Past papers of Assistant executive of engineer BPS 17

SPSC past was held on 18 November 2019

Fill in the blanks:

• The book Social Contract was written by ____
• The Indus valley civilization was spread over ___
• Quid-t-Azam wens collected President of Muslim League in the year___
• Jizya Mean
• What is the number more than 5000 which is exactly divisible by 73___
• How many 1/8 are there in 37.5
• What comes to neat BAO, CAN, DAM, EAL___?
• Start from A rearranges Following GFHACDIIR BE __
• Rearrange the word Care to get a word that maar a unit of Land___
• Nuclear energy is obtained from___
• Sunlight is composed of ___Colors
• The most abundant element in earth crust is ___
• The cultural center of Gandhara Civilization was situated at___
• Imam ___ compiled the famous book of Ahmadis MUTA
• Jinnah of Pakistan was written by___
• Diego Garcia is an in Indian Ocean___
• Which Pakistani Prime Minister visited China first time___
• ____Gas is used in decoration lighting:
• NASA stands for ___
• Name of the first Airline of Pakistan was____

Write abort notes on any Five of the following characters:

• Sheikh Abdul Majeed Sindhi
• Dodo
• Jam Tamachi
• Shamsher-ul-Haidri.
• Sabo Gyanchandeni
• Syed Ghulam Mustafa Shah
• Dr. Ghulam Mustafa Khan
• Moulana Ghulam Mustafa Qasmi

Discuss the role of Sindh in the creation of Pakistan, Quote
important events and Personalities.

Please select the most correct answer from given MCQs

Pakistans plan of political struggle was drawn up in:
• 1940
• 1960
• 1930
• 1916

Pakistans plan of political struggle (Pakistan Movement) Tehrik-e-Pakistan was
a religious-political Struggle drawn up in the 1940s

Pakistan becomes a member of UNO by a unanimous vote of the
Security Council on:

• 18th August 1947
• 16th August 1947
• 13th march 1950
• 23 March 1948

On 18th August 1947
What is the meaning of Rukn?
• Support
• Belief
• Paler
• None of these

The right answer is Support

General Dair was the army commander of Amritsar during
Jullianwala bagh slaughter in
• 1920
• 1919
• 1918
• 1906

Jullianwala bagh incident happened in 1919

when India cut off Pakistans water supply without notice?

• August 1950
• February 1949
• April 1948
• July 1960

On April 1948 India cut off Pakistans water supply without notice