Safemoon Orbital Shield

This isn’t just any update for the SafeMoon Wallet application. SafeMoon Orbital Shield is a brand new, patent-pending security product — a first of its kind.

As one of the initial implementations of this new technology, SafeMoon is applying it to your cryptocurrency wallet as part of a login and wallet protection system.
This isn’t just any ordinary login system. SafeMoon has taken the login process to the next level by allowing its users to have a familiar username and password without introducing the problems that usually brings. This is because Orbital Shield uses methods that prevent SafeMoon from knowing or storing your information.

Why is SafeMoon Orbital Shield important?

SafeMoon Orbital Shield is designed to protect its users and SafeMoon as a company. Through the anonymization encryption process, your information will remain secure even in the event of a breach. SafeMoon has produced a fully working login system without needing to collect personal data. This is important when you are within the DeFi or Web3 hybrid space, as there is a form of anonymity to keep alongside an ever-increasing need for
exceptionally robust security.

 How is this different from other offerings?

You might find a few other products similar to SafeMoon Orbital Shield in that they offer login protection. However, none offer the level of protection SafeMoon Orbital Shield offers. SafeMoon protects you with the login system and its additional security features. In addition, you are being integrated into a very accessible ecosystem as SafeMoon continues
to expand and innovate.


What are the key features of SafeMoon Orbital ShieldTM within
the SafeMoon Wallet?

256-bit encryption with anonymization
Upon registration, your data is anonymized and then encrypted with 256-bit encryption, allowing us to store the encrypted, anonymized data.

The only information stored on our servers is encrypted,
anonymized data. Here is an example of how it looks:


Your username and password decrypt the information in real time.

A Master Wallet is created with additional wallets called
Sub Wallets.

There is no need for recovery phrases (However, it isrecommended to store/write down the information securely offline.)

Users will have the ability to securely sync wallets between multiple wallet installations using SafeMoon Orbital ShieldTM Login.

What does the future hold for SafeMoon Orbital ShieldTM?

The journey begins with its implementation within SafeMoon’s highly rated wallet application on iPhone and Android devices. Orbital ShieldTM technology will also appear in more of the upcoming SafeMoon products over time, delivering a more secure, streamlined, and enjoyable experience. Beyond SafeMoon’s products, you can also expect to see SafeMoon Orbital ShieldTM show up in special partner collaborations, not just within the Web3 space but also within existing product systems that could benefit from dramatically improved security

Did we mention this security encryption is also incredibly fast? Speed of encryption is a roadblock for many systems looking to increase their security. SafeMoon Orbital ShieldTM brings a new option to the table that doesn’t have to compromise on encryption at the expense of speed.

Here are some key points about Safemoon based on my last update:

  1. Tokenomics: Safemoon employs a unique tokenomics model that includes a 10% transaction fee on each sale or purchase. This fee is split into two parts: 5% is distributed to existing holders, and the remaining 5% is added to the liquidity pool.
  2. Reflection Mechanism: The 5% fee distributed to existing holders is often referred to as the “reflection” mechanism. This means that holders receive additional Safemoon tokens passively over time, proportional to their existing holdings.
  3. Liquidity Pool: The 5% fee added to the liquidity pool aims to provide stability to the token’s price.
  4. Community Focus: Safemoon gained popularity for its strong community engagement and marketing efforts. The community actively participates in discussions, promotions, and various initiatives related to the project.
  5. Binance Smart Chain (BSC): Safemoon is built on the Binance Smart Chain, which allows for faster and cheaper transactions compared to some other blockchain networks.

It’s important to note that the cryptocurrency market can be highly speculative, and investors should conduct thorough research and exercise caution before participating in any investment. Additionally, since my information is up to January 2022, there may have been further developments or changes in Safemoon’s status or features. Always check the latest information from official sources and community channels for the most recent updates.