Luna Classic burned so many tokens in October it was on track to hit $1 price within the next 5-10 years.

LUNC could have given a 719,000% return for early investors. Buying just $150 of LUNC today could see you with $1 million when the LUNC price hit $1.


But then the LUNC community reduced the burn tax from 1.2% to 0.2%. LUNC burning has slowed so much that it’s unlikely to hit $1 in the next 50 years. Meanwhile a new hyper-delationary token called EverGrow has ramped up its burn rate to overtake Shiba Inu and now Luna Classic, while promising huge returns for investors.


Luna Classic hitting $1 is over 50 years away

Luna Classic has a circulating supply of 5.98 trillion LUNC tokens. For the LUNC price to be $1, the LUNC market cap therefore needs to be equal to supply – a $5.98 trillion market cap!


In cryptocurrency trading, price is always equal to market cap / circulating supply.  The crypto industry is predicted to grow to $4.94 trillion in 2030. But Luna Classic currently accounts for 0.1% of the cryptocurrency market, so even if we see a bull market of that size in 2030 it would only bring the Luna Classic market price to $4 billion – which would bring the price up to $0.0008 from a price of $0.00014 today.


Will burning have an impact? 


Not likely in the next 50 years. Luna Classic burned 9.2 billion tokens in November. If it continues at the same rate, then in 50 years the circulating LUNC supply will dip below 1 trillion for the first time and make a $1 price more possible.


Until then, LUNC remains without a bullish case for a $1 price.

EverGrow on track for huge ROI after burn rate pumps 4x faster than LUNC

EverGrow burned through almost 1% of its circulating supply in November.


At this rate, EverGrow will reduce its supply by 10% each year. It seems crazy but EverGrow actually has a better chance of reaching a $1 price than Luna Classic in the next decade – and EverGrow is only worth $0.00000009 today!


In fact, EverGrow has an innovative roadmap in place for 2023 that could raise the burn rate even higher.


If you’re unimpressed by Luna Classic’s burn rate, take a look at what EverGrow is doing:


·  2% of every transaction is used to burn EverGrow – meanwhile just 0.2% of every LUNC transaction is used to burn tokens


·  100% of revenue from the multi-chain NFT marketplace LunaSky is used to burn EverGrow


·   100% of the revenue from the upcoming Crator crypto-integrated social media app will fund EverGrow burning, as well as 100% of revenue from a wallet, swap and metaverse experience


Unsurprisingly, after burning 1% of the EverGrow supply in November the prices pumped 43%. 

The crypto industry took another blow in December with the ongoing collapse of FTX, followed by damaging news headlines about Binance. But now that Binance has weathered the storm it looks like the crypto industry will have a price pump soon.

EverGrow is bound to be one of the newer tokens taking the market by storm in 2023.

If you want to get ahead, then buy EverGrow today before other investors take advantage of this huge opportunity. With burning set to explode even further it’s the last chance to get in while prices are low.