Recently i had received a report from a company which had stats on the best laptops which was sent by a media company and while reading the report i thought to share a part of the stats with all my blog reader, but well it was not possible because it was a JPEG Image which the report was saved as and there was no option to copy any part of this. Now in order to extract all the text content from the Image i had to use a Online tools called as Free OCR also means Optical Character Recognition which is a technology used to mechanically or electronically translate images into machine editable text which means into a kind of text which you can use it easily.

To make you understand this technology in easy format, lets take a example. Whenever you scan some important document, you will find that its available to you to be saved as a Image file and you cannot select any other format in this case, because the scanner would take a photographic screenshot of document and present it to you. Now the OCR Readers would perform the reverse job and offer you a text format of the Image files. In order to get this task done you need to visit the website and browse the Image file on your local computer and click on the send file button, which would upload the file to the website server where its being converted and then the results are shown on the same window at the end.

There are many chances that the text format is lost, because in the Image you would find the information stored in perfect tables and good layouts, but at the end you can find garbled text, which you need to format manually and still this is a good service because at least you don’t have to manually type down all the text content from the Image. You just have to take the pieces of text which was downloaded and format it correctly for your usage.