There are many different ways through which you can read different magazines online for free of cost but in this article i am going to show you a excellent way which was sent to us by one of our blog reader. Generally most of the paid magazines are paid ones and the subscription costs range from 20-100$ per year which is the reason if you try to opt for a few magazines the total annual bills would reach to bigger numbers.

First of all you need to download the Safari browser which comes preinstalled in Mac computers and which is available as a free download for my readers. Next you need to go to the Advanced option in it by clicking on Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Show Develop Menu in menu bar. Click on the checkbox to yes.

Next you will find a new option on your Browser’s Menu Bar under the name of Develop where you need to select the option of iPhone Agent. Go to Develop > User Agent > Mobile Safari 3.1.2 iPhone.

Once this is done what really happens is that, your browser now opens websites as if they were loading on a Apple iPhone. This would make you access the iPhone optimized websites inside your Safari Browser. Next access the URL Next you will find a list of ebooks as shown in this screenshot which when clicked would open in full screen on your browser and also a recommendation that if you open these on iphone, landscape mode is recommended. Overall a excellent website for apple iphone users which can now be accessed on your computer and accessed anywhere anytime.

Download Safari 4 Here for Free.