Whenever you go for a windows xp software update you will be notified with a message every 10 minutes to either Restart the computer right away or later and this notifications keep popping up every 10 minutes which can make you annoyed and would plan to restart but if you are in the middle of some important work then you should find a way to disable this notification and it would pop-up back after a 24 hours delay between which you can continue with your work without any disturbance.

Here is the way to stop these notifications.

  • Click Start >>> Run >>> type in gpedit.msc 
  • Go to Local Computer Policy >>> Computer Configuration  >>> Administrative Templates >>> Windows Components >>> Windows Update >>> Next
  • To disable auto restart: double click ‘No auto-restart for scheduled Automatic update installations’ and enable this function.
  • To delay the re-prompt by 24 hours: double click ‘Re-prompt for restart with scheduled installations’ and enable this function. Then set the timing to ‘1440 minutes’ – this is the maximum allowable time
Its generally recommended to restart your computer whenever you make a Computer windows update because in most cases these are very important security updates and restarting would mean installation of these notifications. You are at risk if you dont restart your computer once the updates are downloaded and installed but at certain times you would need the above trick while you are in the middle of something where you cannot restart. This trick works on Windows XP Professional and not on Windows XP home version.